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We have added photos from various days of volunteer clean-up efforts to the photo gallery. What a difference a bit of elbow grease makes! Thank you to all the volunteers who do their part to save a piece of our cultural history! Que Viva Lerma’s!

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Branch Cartoon of Lerma’s from MYSA

Univision Interview on Lerma’s

Salvador “El Pavo” García and Miss Amy


San Antonio Current – Que Que

“This building needs some work, everyone can see that,” he added, but he reminded the DSDB, “Gilbert Garcia, he’s not only a musician, he’s passionate about the culture that San Antonio has.” Like many of the speakers, Weber referred to conjunto’s uniquely South Texas fusion of polka, waltz, cumbia, and ranchera. Writer and café owner Deborah Kuetzpalin Vasquez said her mother would tell her she was free to enjoy other music, “but always remember, conjunto music is who you are.”


Lerma’s Family member voices in EN

Family ties to Lerma’s

After reading the article last week on the closing of Lerma’s Nite Club and then spotting the Branch cartoon on Sunday titled “Another endangered cultural landmark … Lerma’s Nite Club,” I just had to write this letter.

Pablo Lerma was my grandfather. He owned and operated Lerma’s Nite Club in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. He died at the young age of 59. His son, Armando Lerma, took over the club in 1971. Since Armando’s retirement, the Garcia family has owned and operated Lerma’s, continuing to provide a place for people to socialize, dance and of course, drink beer.

Lerma’s Nite Club was a place to dance polkas, waltzes, cumbias, etc., to the music of the likes of Santiago Jimenez, Henry Zimmerle and the great Luis Gonzales, who was the house band. It was just as entertaining to watch people dance as it was to dance. Luis Gonzales played some of the finest conjunto music ever. To my knowledge, there are no recordings of his music.

I will never forget the music that I grew up with in my childhood; I have especially fond memories of earning extra money by washing the small Lone Star glasses, and sweeping the floors. Then I would, under the watchful eye of my grandfather, be allowed to stay and listen to the music and watch people dance. To this day, I love the art form known as conjunto music.

Lerma’s has a very special place in my heart and in the hearts of many San Antonians. The expression “Puro San Antonio” truly applies here.

Elia Palmieri

Source: Express News Opinion Section