Save Lerma’s Night at the Plaza feat. Henry Zimmerle

Where: Main Plaza
When: Saturday, October 30 · 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Main Plaza is the plaza downtown right in front of the San Fernando cathedral. 8pm-1030pm. take the bus if you don’t want to park your car anywhere…but there’s plenty of parking. bring foldup chairs, but most importantly, bring your dancing shoes. SAVE LERMA’S night at the Plaza is the Final Raz…a en la Plaza concert of the season.

Save Lerma’s is a community-driven initiative to restore Lerma’s Nite Club, a historically significant conjunto dance hall and cultural landmark located in the westside of San Antonio. Henry Zimmerle, a local conjunto pioneer, has recorded over 100 albums over the course of his career! Donate today!

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  • I have a passion for the music. I have been watching my family perform there for years. With my Grandpa Henry Zimmerle Sr and Uncle Fred Zimmerle, to My primo Nicky Snick and my father Henry Zimmerle and maybe in the near future myself. there has been so much great tallent there to many greats to list but it needs to reopen for many other greats

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